Meet Seb...

Seb has a lung condition called Neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia of infancy ("NEHI") - an extremely rare lung disease which affects otherwise healthy children and results in very low blood oxygen saturation levels. The treatment is supplementary oxygen (Seb wears oxygen 24 hours a day), although even with additional oxygen, children with NEHI have a lower exercise tolerance and tire easily due to additional work of breathing. 

The oxygen equipment obviously has a significant impact on Seb's day-to-day life, and of course, prevents him from joining in with team sports (as the oxygen equipment must be worn by an adult who accompanies him at all times).

Group swimming lessons were simply not an option for Seb, due to the oxygen equipment, but one-to-one lessons work well as the swim instructor can wear the oxygen in the water and swim alongside Seb as he learns.
When Seb started the one-to-one lessons through Level Water he wasn't able to swim at all. This Saturday he completed a width of the pool without a float, with his swim instructor swimming alongside him wearing the oxygen. Seb still gets tired during the lessons and needs additional breaks, but his instructor is able to tailor the lesson to him, which is fantastic. 

This kind of achievement is massive for Seb and gives his confidence and self-esteem a huge boost.
He adores his lessons and loves his instructor, Alex, who was assigned to Seb as he has a lot of experience working with children with additional needs.

"The whole experience for Seb has been overwhelmingly positive."

Holly, Seb's Mum

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If you are able to make a small monthly donation, it makes a huge difference to the number of kids we can work with. 

We understand that not everyone can do this. 


The Level Water lessons “made Max believe he could actually do something and do it well. The one-on-one lessons were great because he could express himself better. He believes he can do well and for the first time is actually getting a bit competitive, which he has not done in sport before because no-one likes to be last all the time. 
I am so grateful for the Level Water lessons. He loves swimming now. It's also helping to build up some strength which is difficult with his condition and needs to be gained before he starts to lose it.”

Jessica, Max’s Mum. 

Max reached stage 4 with Level Water and is now involved in swimming with a disabled group as well as taking part in sporting activity at school with groups that are inclusive. 

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