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Level Water provides free one-to-one swimming lessons for children with disabilities.  Without our one-to-one swimming lessons, most of these children will never learn to swim.

We teach children one-to-one until they are ready to join group swimming lessons, and then help them continue swimming and join a local competitive club.

Through our disability swimming lessons children become physically active, socially included and increasingly confident.

With your help we can get more local disabled children swimming.

Make a difference today, donate below and help a disabled child in Brighton learn to swim!


The Level Water lessons “made Max believe he could actually do something and do it well. The one-on-one lessons were great because he could express himself better. He believes he can do well and for the first time is actually getting a bit competitive, which he has not done in sport before because no-one likes to be last all the time. 
I am so grateful for the Level Water lessons. He loves swimming now. It's also helping to build up some strength which is difficult with his condition and needs to be gained before he starts to lose it.”

Jessica, Max’s Mum. 

Max reached stage 4 with Level Water and is now involved in swimming with a disabled group as well as taking part in sporting activity at school with groups that are inclusive. 

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Make a difference TODAY and teach a child like Max to swim. 

Just donate below and you'll change the life of a disabled child near you. 

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