Dart 10k FAQ’s


Swimmers start in one of four speed waves which you will select at the time of booking. You will initially swim with others the same pace as you. Whatever wave you start in though, most swimmers arrive around the same time as the waves blend together towards the end of the swim.

Swimmers will be notified of their swim times (make sure your mobile number is correct when you register).


This is a morning swim, with registration either on Friday evening, by post in advance, or early(ish) morning on the day of your swim.


We have worked with a remarkable professional safety team since the start of the Dart that keep you safe every step of the way. Swimmers are flanked by professionally qualified employed lifeguards throughout the swim. There are feeding stations on route with drinks and jelly babies, at around 4km and 8km.


All swimmers will need to be acclimatised to outdoor swim temperatures by the day, and to have experience of chop and open water. We will send you a guide to swimming outdoors and training programmes.

The swim is for over 16s. If under 18 you must have parental consent.


This is an A to B swim, starting at Longmarsh Totnes and finishing at Dittisham Ham. It draws many supporters as well as swimmers, and who are catered for with food and entertainment. Coaches are offered to spectators (with paid prebooking) as well as swimmers (free, prebooking not required) to enable car free weekends.


The Dart10k is a wetsuit event. Your ticket is sold on a wetsuit-compulsory basis. All swimmers are to wear a long-john (or longer) wetsuit unless permission is sought and granted by the events team.

Your wetsuit must cover you from shoulders to below the knee, be made of neoprene and be designed for swimming / triathlon / swimrun (ie not scuba or diving). Please do not attempt a 10k in a surf wetsuit – the drag, buoyancy and comparative lack of flexibility will make your life unnecessarily difficult.

Skin swimming permission is not guaranteed, and all tickets are sold on a wetsuit-compulsory basis.


Most people swim front crawl, but we have had swimmers do the 10k butterfly and breaststroke. Breaststroke is not generally recommended because it’s hard on the knees to swim this distance in a wetsuit.


We welcome and can generally accommodate swimmers with physical disabilities who would like to swim. It is essential that those with disabilities, or any concern about their ability to take part in this event, should seek their doctor’s advice before taking part. Swimmers with physical disabilities who would like to swim should email Level Water prior to registration, and will be accommodated within the existing water safety provision wherever possible (no separate arrangements can be made).


OSS events are tow-float free. There is ample safety cover who watch swimmers via their brightly coloured hats. Tow floats makes sighting swimmers harder, by doubling the number of brightly coloured objects in the water, and may entangle other swimmers. It is sometimes stated that tow floats make retrieving an unconscious swimmer easier, however they are not tested or rated to act as a safety device in this way.

There are feeding stations at the 4km and 8km marks where you can top up on water and energy. These stations carry water, Lucozade, jelly babies and flapjack. Snorkels and fins are not permitted as the hard edges risk injuring other swimmers at the swim start in particular.

Most swimmers with personal medication tuck it up the sleeve of their wetsuit.

If this doesn’t cover your needs and you want to use a tow float for the purpose please contact Level Water